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1950 Crown-14 Canned Ham Camper Trailer For Sale - $8,500 OBO

Lake Havasu City, AZ
United States

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This is a true canned ham trailer with Arizona Title and license plate. The exterior is original, excluding the paint that was there when I bought it last year. The interior is original for the most part in form and function, but was in need of rehabilitation.
As you can see in the photos, this GLAMPER is ready to be enjoyed immediately and includes all that you see in the photos!

I have loved taking it to vintage trailer rallies where it has been voted "Best in Show". It gets A LOT of attention! Having just finished several months ago, I did not intend on selling my little "Briar Rose" and I hate to part with it, but I recently stumbled onto a another vintage trailer and don't have the space for two. So, I have to part ways with my cozy little Crown.......

SIZE: The trailer is a total of 14' long and is 6 1/2' wide. It weighs a total of 1750 lbs. and even fits in my garage! It tows nicely and with the front and back curtains open you can easily see behind you while towing and parking.

New: Tires, Wheels (packed bearings), Leaf Springs, Door (original window used)
New Plumbing: City Water Hook-up Added, Water and Drain Lines, Sink Faucets (original sink)
New Electric Wiring: 110 v City Power Outlet (exterior), New Interior Lighting and Power outlets, New exterior 12 v. Tail, Marker, License Plate Light and Wire Harness for Towing
Roof: The roof seams have been sealed and painted to match the exterior paint
Floor: The wood floor is solid.
Windows: Original Glass, Hardware and Screens are in Place. Window Frames have been sealed
Door: New Door and Hardware, Original Window and Frame Used

New Paint, Ceiling Vent, Wood Look Flooring, Window Coverings, Counter tops, Cabinet Hardware
New Appliances: Retro Style Microwave Oven and Refrigerator (also includes coffee maker, toaster oven, coil hot plate)
New Banquette Seating Cushions and Upholstery (converts to comfortable bed in front)
Lots of Storage (Closet, Cabinets, Drawers, Under Bed, Under Seats)
Double Size Comfortable Cozy Bed/Mattress in Back
Decor: Wall Art, Wood Trim, Storage Racks, Pillows, Blankets, Bedding, Chandelier, Table Treatment included

This trailer is basically original and as it was built in 1950. As with most canned ham trailers this age, it did not originally come with a water tank, holding tank, electric power, battery power or a bathroom/toilet. Electric City power (110 v) access has been added. Access to City water has been added too. It does not have a battery, but a 12 v batter power supply can very easily be added. A water tank can be added too if desired. There is room under the seats. Although it does not have a bathroom, a port-a-potty DOES FIT nicely in the closet!

Originally, there was a propane supply line which fed the original stove/oven and a light. However, the stove/oven was badly damaged and removed. The space currently holds the microwave oven and a counter has been added above. If desired, propane could be added for a cook top. An electric cook top could also be added since there is a power source behind the microwave.

The propane light was removed as it had literally caused burns on the wall and ceiling near the light in years past. I'm not a fan of propane. My personal preference is cooking outside on a Coleman stove and/or using a microwave oven. For lighting I use LED lamps inside, or electricity from a City source or generator for powering the lights, plug-ins, small appliances, microwave oven and refrigerator.

Overall Condition: For a 69 year old basically original camper/trailer, this cozy trailer is in great condition! The original metal plate on the side near the door indicates it was built in Southern California and made expressly by "Al Rose the Trailer King" who sold the Crown trailers. It is a fantastic example of canned ham camper trailers that were being built then and Crown camper trailers are not very common.

Thank you for looking!! If you have any questions, please let me know. $8,500 or best offer.