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1957 Spartan Imperial Mansion

Olympia, WA 98512
United States

$26,000.00 (Or Best Offer)
Payment Info
Cash / Check

For sale is this 1957 Spartan Imperial Mansion. This trailer is massive. It's 45 feet long. It's a park model, so it doesn't have water storage tanks. It's designed to be hooked to water and sewer.

I bought this trailer a bit over a year ago now and was intending to set it up for my father as an ADU/FMU. We got started on the project but he has since passed, and now I have no real use for it.

Comes with a 12000BTU propane furnace, though there is a closet spot where you could hook up a furnace to the original forced air ducting. Original stove is complete, has one bad burner valve.

The trailer has no leaks. The wood is in great shape aside from some condensation stains under a couple of windows.

Electrical is good. We have tested all the lighting and switches and it all works.
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