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1975 Ford 600

Vintage Camper Trailers
Elverta, CA 95626
United States

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Super clean, low miles on 361 gasoline engine (25,788). The flatbed is 8’x20.5’. Runs good. Brakes were redone by the current owner but the pedal is soft after sitting and will need some attention. The emergency brake works fine. 5 Speed transmission. 2 speed rear end. Current non-op title.

Notes from the Owner:
This is a true barn find. I know because I found it in a barn, where it had been stored for 20 yrs, yet ran annually, at a winery in Sonoma County, but it did not move. I bought it from the original owner with the intent to use it for my business. It is in fantastic and impressive condition down to the rubber components and runs like a top. Fires right up and purrs, no leaks.
When I bought it, it ran just ok, but was able to drive it home - but was sketchy. (About 5 years ago.) Moisture had infiltrated the brake and hydraulic clutch system. Parts are not hard to find, and also not expensive. replaced the clutch master and slave cylinders, brake booster, master cylinder, all-wheel cylinders, and all rubber brake lines. I also replaced the shoes and brake hardware to freshen, on all 4. I also powder coated the backing plates, at least on the front axle as memory serves. I replaced the water pump ( can't remember why - sometimes I do things for good measure as I planned to use the truck) and thermostats (it has two). Has a 361 Gasoline engine, and I do have new spark plugs for it, but the ones in it I believe are original, and there is nothing wrong with them t Nostalgic for sure. The carburetor is a Holley 2BBL, with a governor. I worked with Holley to identify the proper rebuild kit, and their kit was MOSTLY complete - it had all the main and necessary components, but governor parts were not a part of the kit and did not pursue since it ran fine. To keep it original, I rebuilt it, and it works fine. but I think it would replace it and possibly upgrade to 4 BBL for best performance. Thought about just a Holley 2BBL without governor too.
EVERYTHING works as original except the governor and the choke cable is not connected.
Under 26k original miles - the condition of the truck and is completely obvious these are original miles.
361 V8
5-speed main transmission (but two speed rear end affords IO gears)
2 speed rear axle (fluid changed as I recall)
no leaks!
all new brakes so very safe, and stops well.
new clutch slave and master cylinders rebuilt carb new water pump, thermostats, and coolant.
currently, non-op, and no fees will be due - no smog required ever as it's 1975 yr built!
Flatbed has special pin latches for winery grape bins that apparently tipped to the side to unload.
glass and rubber in perfect condition for fixed and operable windows
the interior is immaculate.
Tires have excellent tread, no cracks
Rust - only minor surface here and there
I don't believe there are any dents either
I-las the original build paper protected with plastic and attached to the passenger door
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