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Restored 1966 16' Shasta- Sewing Machine Restoration Shop-mobile shop

Stagecoach Road Vintage Sewing Machine
15539 Stagecoach Road
Swisshome, OR 97480
United States

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First and foremost, this is not a vacationing trailer. She was rebuilt from the scratch to be a mobile workshop, and she has minimalist living space. We're a nationally and internationally known sewing machine restoration shop that, in addition to our fixed location, needed mobile capability.

She's a work tool for someone seriously looking for a workspace that can be taken from location to location with ease. She would be great for a crafter travelling to shows, small machine repair, fly fishing lures, electronics or computer repair, sewing room, or whatever your skill set requires. Great for a snow birder with a hobby or small business.

This sweet Shasta was rebuilt from the framing up, to be a sewing machine restoration shop, last Fall, and she made the 3500 mile trip From Coastal Oregon to the Sonoran Desert, near Yuma Arizona, and back with no problems, breakdowns or leaks.

She functioned flawlessly as a shop for the 5 months we were on the road, and I restored several awesome, vintage sewing machines out in the desert, away from shore power.

The back half is the shop with a sturdy workbench, cupboards, shelves, good lighting, small sink (5 gal. storage) , extra counter space, and super convenient magnetic tool holders within easy reach.

The front half is the lounge with minimalist living space; lots of windows, drop-down table, pantry, storage for clothing and personal items, tiny bunk, propane wall heater, overhead light and propane wall lamp.

She's insulated with a double-layer of mylar bubble insulation and solid styrofoam sheeting.

She features 350 Watts of 12V solar power and an inverter for plenty of 110V power. She has a 45 Amp, MPPT charge controller and 2 new-last-Fall Costco deep cycle batteries. One panel is roof-mounted and the other is free-standing for best solar locating. She has 12V and 110V lighting.

She got brand new trailer tires before the trip, which are in great shape, and she comes with a small spare. Her full-size hubcaps are mismatched on purpose with a 1940s Plymouth "Mayflower" on one side and a 1950s Pontiac "Chieftain" on the other.

She got new leaf springs and shackles and her underside is insulated and covered.

The lounge area features stranded bamboo flooring and the shop has water resistant vinyl plank flooring.

She's super cute and lightweight. I tow her with a 6 cylinder Toyota van.

She has no bathroom or kitchen facilities so you'll want to camp where you have access to a bathroom or make up a bucket potty (instructions can be found online).

For cooking, I used a small propane portable stove inside while enroute, and set up an outdoor kitchen while camped.

She has $4500.00 just in new materials incorporated into her restoration and 40 years of construction and restoration skills in her builder.
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