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Safeboard Aluminum Honey Comb Panels

Ventura, CA 95626
United States

Protect Your Investment. After purchasing top-quality stone, your project now deserves the best installation materials. SAFEBOARD™ is constructed to last and provide worry-free enjoyment of your beautiful stone countertops. Avoid long-term problems that plywood sub-tops can cause such as warping and bacterial growth. Unlike plywood, SAFEBOARD™ is:

Water and Moisture Resistant
Rigid and Durable Aluminum
Safe and Sanitary

Plywood absorbs water and warps over time. Not to mention the mold and formaldehyde. YES, plywood frequently contains formaldehyde. SAFEBOARD™ is utilized in the stone and tile industry as a safe and sturdy alternative to plywood for kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor countertops.

With SAFEBOARD™ there's no more need for corbels, or engineering metal frames to support an overhang. Made up entirely of high-durability aluminum, a strategically engineered honeycomb core is bonded between two rigid skins to create incredible strength.
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