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1948 Spartan Manor with Modern Off-Grid Amenities

115 E 32nd St
Vancouver, WA 9866e3
United States

$110,000.00 (Or Best Offer)
Quantity Available

Do you dream of owning a gorgeous travel trailer? One that’s off-grid ready, made with high quality materials (unlike new RVs) and is ready to take you on your dream adventures in 2022 and beyond?!

This 1948 aluminum-hulled Spartan Manor is up for sale. This is an American-made travel trailer manufactured by a company that was making WWII planes. This Spartan Manor, lovingly nicknamed the Mushroom Manor, was completely rebuilt from the metal up without losing any of its old world charm. Now offering additional comfort with new love and handcrafted redesigns to bring it into this century with the sustainability and technology that can get you out of RV Parks and into beautiful, inspiring places.

With this luxurious setup, you can go to those beautiful places away from the masses, plug in all of your devices, and charge them from a solar system that has been soaking in the sun's rays all day. You can take a hot shower and make dinner in your oven or super fast air fryer. If that sounds like you, this trailer is FOR YOU.

Here are more of the nitty gritty details on this vintage gem, keep in mind that many of the things (and required labor) listed below are on backorder for months or years, due to the high demand for RV, van and trailer build-outs, and how many people are moving toward this lifestyle.

New 12V and 120V electrical solar system (market price with install $35k):

- 1000w (10 panel) Zamp low-profile HIGH QUALITY obsidian solar panels
- Wired in parallel, which is more expensive, but creates MUCH HIGHER solar yields in partly cloudy conditions.
- 12V and 120V plugins throughout
- Can be monitored from your cell phone to make it ultra easy and user friendly
- Bluetooth monitoring of solar panels and battery condition
- New Victron 3000w inverter, best in class
- New Victron Smart Battery Monitor
- 4 x 100Ah (400Ah) Battle Born Batteries (American Made) and epically powerful
- This battery bank can run the 3000w air conditioner for 2 hours with no external power. That’s unheard of in an RV!
- 30A shore power hookup
- Progressive Industries EMS, top quality, electrical outlet tester and surge protector (This device keeps your investment safe when you hook up to a new power source).
- Yes, you can easily run a toaster, air fryer, kettle, high powered blender, etc on this system!

Gorgeous birch wood throughout, golden honey finish

Custom sized bed, length is King and width is just shy of a Queen
- Tons of storage under the bed

Coleman low-profile air conditioner

Built-in electric fireplace with warm and cozy fire display BUT not the smoke and risk of fire.

Full kitchen with vintage DIXIE gas stove, counter tops, LOTS of storage throughout, cabinets.

40 gallon fresh water tank

5 gallon hot water heater

Closets for clothes and jackets

Custom curtains on all windows

New, and incredible!, Isotherm 12V/120V refrigerator.
- This is a top quality, marine grade full sized refrigerator.
- It has a beautiful freezer
- Custom woodwork on the front as you can see in the picture

New, custom-built, wrap-around front booth with storage AND that converts to a second bed (made from matching birch)
- The front dinner table lowers down with an air piston, Italian made aluminum pedestal, to create 2nd bed
- Storage under the seats
- Seating for 4-6 people
- Organic latex/cotton cushions

Marmoleum floors
- Made of nontoxic linseed oil, and are anti-microbial
- Snap-together tiles (will not buckle like glued down tiles can)
- Far more beautiful than vinyl
- It is sandable if you ever want to give it a face lift so it can stay beautiful

New Pepwave internet system installed with externally installed antenna
- Top of the line mobile internet solution, and a top choice by entrepreneurs working from the road.
- Install up to 4 different mobile SIMs: T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T
With unlimited SIM options choose provider/s of your choice.
- You can also use it to connect to local WiFi hotspots
- WiFi Signal Creator for all of your devices.

New stainless steel sink and bar style faucet
- Having a full size sink is a game changer and something that makes doing dishes so much easier.

New, never used, C-Head composting toilet system
- Toilets and black water tanks in RVs smell disgusting, even after they’ve been dumped and cleaned, whereas compost toilets always smell clean, even when they’re ready to be dumped.
C-Head is arguably the nicest of the compost toilets on the market because:
- The toilet seat is like what you would have at home, instead of the oddly shaped toilets others providers make
The components are not proprietary and can be easily replaced at any hardware store.
- If you are planning to use public facilities, quite a few state and national parks have locked and closed their restrooms during Covid.
- Dumping black tanks is disgusting. It’s a dirty job that seems pretty archaic at this point when we have compost toilets available to us.
- AND MOST IMPORTANTLY not having to worry about wasting precious fresh water to flush and when you can save your water for a hot shower instead.

Two new 30 Gallon all aluminum LP tanks

A variety of security systems
- A security system installed throughout from SimpliSafe that:
- Allows you to adventure around when you’re traveling away from your home while still knowing that everything is safe. You set the security system and all of the features below start working.
A PANIC button in case you just need HELP! That alerts the authorities that you’re in danger and gives them your location.
- Monitoring of front/back doors being opened. E.g. If an intruder opens your doors the alarms will sound and authorities are notified.
- Carbon Monoxide E.g. Cooking with natural gas produces carbon monoxide, which can be deadly if it accumulates. This sensor will warn you if levels are too high.
- Glass break sensors E.g. If an intruder breaks a side window the alarms will sound and authorities are notified.
- Motion sensors. E.g. If an intruder manages to get inside and moves around the alarms will sound and authorities are notified.
- A water sensor to alert you of leaking water.
- A freeze sensor to monitor extremely cold conditions that could cause your batteries to blow or your pipes to break
24/7 monitoring by a call center that will call you if something happens.
- The best hitch lock on the market from Proven Industries

Haylon fire extinguisher
- This is important because using a normal extinguisher that you buy from any hardware store will destroy your interior with the chemicals in it.

New perfectly fitted front windows.
- This is a problem for most Spartans. Some folks will cut corners and not install the high-quality, approved width windows and then your windows WILL pop out while driving. Speaking from experience as this is how the previous seller sold it to me. Lucky for you, I found the right parts and professionals to fix it.

A modern, but vintage style 15’ X 9’beautiful and professionally made striped red awning with aluminum poles and stakes.

New Blue Ox Anti-Sway Hitch system
A must have for windy situations. - Without this system, trailers can act like a sail and can make for a nerve-wracking drive.
- It adds stability at all times so you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

New period specific light shades
40 gallon fresh water tank
- New pumps and water filter attached

All top quality hardware components used
- Stainless steel hardware
- No cutting corners
- Attention to detail

New vertical hitch crank

New wheel bearings

New heaviest duty tires possible

The roof has been professionally resealed, front to back. You will not have leaks!

The base boards have been weather proofed, dust proofed (yes this is an issue with trailers) and mouse/insect proofed.

The normal base boards in these Spartans can last a long time normally, but this one received a royal treatment to ensure it holds up even longer and doesn’t need work for ages to come.

With this trailer you get all the luxury of antique style and details, with the comforts and resources to suit your modern life, no matter where you are. We hope someone will continue to adventure in this piece of history and benefit from the love and care and work we’ve put into it.

We’ve included multiple photos and a full walk-through video (https://youtu.be/fXeipjwb_tA). Happy to answer any additional questions from folks who are genuinely interested in being the next owner.
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