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1948 Trailercraft - Time Capsule

Vintage Camper Trailers
Elverta, CA 95626
United States

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A post-war time capsule. This is the only Trailercraft we have ever found in over 10 years of looking. The interior remains mostly original incredible condition. It has new upholstery on the seats and a new dinette table. The seats also fit as a gaucho style couch across the front of the trailer. The seats "click-clack" into an additional sleeping space. There is also a bedroom in the rear of the trailer with a convenient "boyfriend" (escape) door. Flooring, woodwork, counters, and appliances are all in very good condition with only mild wear (patina). Blinds, curtains, light fixtures, etc. are all original. It has a toilet room (no shower). There are no holding tanks. (The toilet connects directly to septic.) The exterior was resided with new Masonite and has just been painted. (This trailer has not been shown with this paint color so it will be YOUR trailer.) The roof has just been resealed and the trailer got new insulation when it was re-sided. The trailer is powered off of 110v electrical. There is no 12v system or batteries to maintain. The refrigerator is not working but it can be used as an icebox or retrofitted with a modern cooling system. Tires are good and this trailer did a 1,000-mile trip just last year. It is about 20' long and I do not know the weight. We have towed it all over with a half-ton GMC pick-up and Yukon.
Ceiling height is 73.5". The bed in the bedroom is 4'x77". The fold-out couch in the front of the trailer is 3'x78".
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