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1949 Little Caesar

Vintage Trailer and Motor Coach Club
Jacksonville, FL
United States

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Hello everyone,
Thank you in advance for considering me. Let me tell you a little about myself.
My parents were Emil and Ed Sokolis from Sebastopol California who opened Sokolis Brothers Manufacturing Co. in 1946. They closed the shop around 1965, having designed and built about 2,000 of my brothers and sisters. They tell me that I was born about 1949 (maybe earlier) as indicated by my early model sequence number of 144.
Over the years I have lost touch with many of my siblings, so they tell me that I am among a very few that have survived.
I cannot tell you all the places that I have been, at my age we tend to forget, but I will tell you about my adopted parents and all that they have done for me.
They found me in Florida, (how I got here, I will never know) and to be honest I really felt neglected and was not in the best of shape, as you can tell from a few of the posted photos. I really did not want anyone to see the shape I was in. Fortunately, my adopted parents saw something in me others did not, so let me tell you what all they did to give me a new life. They performed what is know as a off frame restoration /renovation and tried so hard to use as much original materials as were left of me, but I had lost so much over the years. They made a tremendous number of upgrades so I could continue a new life without any issues from my past popping up again. I know I may have missed a few items but the pics can tell the rest of the story.
mitchell mcdaniel

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