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1951 Owosso Coach Travel Trailer 31' - A Collector's Dream in Excellent Condition

Rhinelander, WI
United States

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Don’t miss this chance to own a piece of history. Embrace the charm and elegance of the 1950s with this stunning vintage travel trailer. Whether you're looking for a unique vacation home, a nostalgic guest house, or a valuable addition to your collection, this trailer is sure to exceed your expectations. Act now and make this rare Owosso Coach travel trailer yours today!

Step back in time with this beautifully maintained 1951 Owosso Coach travel trailer, a rare gem perfect for collectors and vintage enthusiasts. Owosso only manufactured trailers from 1939 to the late 1950s, making this trailer a true collector's item, especially in such excellent condition.

As you enter, you’ll be transported to the 1950s by the warm, inviting ambiance of the original birch paneling, cabinetry, light fixtures and appliances. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are evident throughout the trailer, from the woodwork to the charming vintage fixtures that have been preserved over the years.
The kitchen is a delightful nod to the past, featuring the original stove and refrigerator/freezer, both in great working condition and the original double porcelain sink. Prepare meals with a touch of nostalgia and vintage flair. Lots of storage in the kitchen and throughout the trailer.

The bathroom, also original, adds to the trailer’s unique appeal, providing a complete retro experience. This trailer is a park/coach model and does not have holding tanks.

The bedroom has the original platform base to hold a full size bed, a built in nightstand, original light fixtures and a closet.

Natural light fills the interior through the original windows, creating a bright and airy atmosphere. The floor has been recently replaced with new subflooring and painted, ensuring a fresh and clean living space. With two entrance doors, this trailer offers convenient access and enhances the sense of space.

The exterior of the trailer has been given a recent marine grade paint job, revitalizing it in its original colors of sage green, light gray, white, and red accents. This not only enhances its vintage aesthetic but also provides excellent protection against the elements, ensuring the trailer remains in pristine condition.

The electric heater is not currently working, therefore you can choose to repair the existing heater or replace it with one that suits your preferences. The fully functional electrical system ensures that the trailer is ready for your enjoyment.

• Unique and Rare: This 1951 Owosso Coach travel trailer is a rare find, especially in such excellent condition. Its limited production run makes it a valuable collector's item.
• Original Features: The preservation of original features such as the birch paneling, kitchen, bathroom, and light fixtures enhances the trailer’s authenticity and charm.
• Functionality: The trailer offers a fully functional electrical system, along with original operational kitchen appliances.
• Well-Maintained: With only three owners and careful winter storage, the trailer has been meticulously maintained to ensure its excellent condition.
• Stunning Exterior: The recent marine grade paint job in the original colors not only adds to its visual appeal but also provides durability and protection.
Potential Uses:
• Vacation Home: Use it as a unique and charming vacation home, whether parked at a scenic location or your favorite campsite.
• Guest House: Create a nostalgic guest house on your property, offering visitors a one-of-a-kind experience.
• Rental Property: Turn it into a rental property for those seeking a retro getaway, capitalizing on the growing trend of vintage and unique accommodations.
• Showpiece: Add it to your collection of vintage vehicles or use it as a showpiece for vintage fairs, car shows, and events.
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