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1963 Vintage KenCraft Travel Trailer – fully renovated!

228 W Avenida Valencia
San Clemente, CA 92672
United States

$16,000.00 (Or Best Offer)
Quantity Available

• Custom exterior paint job
• New electrical wiring including battery that charges while towing
• New, modern water tank (10-gallon) and water pump
• Two beds – sleeps 4
• Gorgeous lighting
• Lots of storage – including custom rear compartment
• New, gorgeous durable flooring
• New self-contained toilet in the bathroom
• Storage space in the rear
• Original (and working)
o Sink
o Stove – 3-burner
o Oven
o Fridge
o Windows
• Reupholstered cushions on the banquet
• New propane tanks
• New tires – hub caps painted to match
• Spare tire
• Recently packed ball bearings
• New front jack
• Electric brakes
• Custom Sunbrella awning with poles
• External, heated shower and shower stall
• Lots of storage
• Fully stocked kitchen
Manufactured from 1955-75. Made by Ken-Craft Products, Inc in North Hollywood/San Fernando Valley California and Upper Sandusky, Ohio

The creator of the Kenskill Kustom Kamper, Bill Kennedy, launched Ken-Craft in 1955. Ken-Craft was one of the first molded fiberglass trailers. The first Ken-Craft trailer was 18 foot long with no seams or joints due to the fiberglass construction. Bill choose fiberglass to reduce the weight of the trailer and it was extremely strong. The insulation properties of fiberglass is very good as well. All portions of the trailer are bonded together and it becomes extremely water tight.

Mid 60s models had a molded fiberglass tail section that wrapped around the rear end. It included a bump out truck – this was unique to Ken-Craft and gave them extra storage space.
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