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1964 Airstream TradeWind

Milford, MI 48382
United States

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We renovated a vintage Airstream trailer in 2020, have enjoyed touring America in it ever since, and are now considering selling it to make room for new projects.
We chose this trailer to renovate due to its size, layout, and condition. At 24 feet (including 3’ tongue), this trailer is easy to tow and park, and spacious for two people. It tows easily because it is streamlined, it is stabilized by a weight-distributing anti-sway hitch, and it is light weight at 3800 pounds (when new it weighed 3500 pounds empty; renovation added electronics as well as more and better cabinetry). Large windows front and rear, with no obstructions between them, allow good visibility in the tow vehicle’s rear-view mirror.
The layout made for good living: kitchen and dining up front, a full bath at the rear, and sleeping quarters in between. We kept this general arrangement but improved it by replacing two single beds with a convertible double bed and a lot more storage. We also got rid of two very small upper bunks (this 24-footer originally slept six!), but we retained the convertible dinette so this trailer can still sleep four comfortably. The layout also featured a lot of windows, a sunroof, and the popular door-within-a-door, so the interior is full of light and fresh air (we added two ceiling fans).
The condition of this trailer was ideal for renovation. The steel frame and aluminum shell were both straight and sound, and a new axle had been fitted recently. Listeners to the Vintage Airstream Podcast may remember this trailer because Rob Baker of The VAP sold it through a lottery to raise money for a charitable cause of his. We bought it from the lucky lottery winner, then towed it home to Michigan where we gave it a complete shell-off renovation. Upgrades compared to the 1964 original include Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries (for longer life, and no venting required), LED lighting inside and out, Reflectix and fiberglass insulation, quiet multistage charger/converter, 110V inverter, entertainment center with 24" TV, 35-gallon gray water tanks, composting toilet, on-demand water heater, mahogany cabinetry, and modern range and fridge. All systems are new and have been thoroughly tested by more than 10,000 miles of travel since the renovation.
This trailer was featured in the January/February 2024 issue of Vintage Camper Trailers magazine, as well as in the June 2022 issue of BMW Roundel magazine. Please contact us for a more detailed pdf file about this vintage Airstream seeking a good home.
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