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1970 Ford 350 Callen Camper RV Motorhome - $5400 (Glenwood, NM)

Glenwood, NM
United States

$5,400.00 (Or Best Offer)
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We’ve restored a gorgeous paint-ready and rare wood-vinyl-interior vintage motorhome from FORD’s 1970s CUSTOM 350 truck line paired with the legendary CALLEN CAMPER that mostly only made pick-up truck toppers, making this full-body home unique and very durable.

Sleeps FIVE adults!

We can’t find any others like it anywhere, but no longer have a use for it, as we don’t live near, and our dreams of turning it into a design-savvy $100/night AirBnB aren’t making as much sense from afar as we’d imagined.

You’ll technically be second owner, as this belonged to a grandmother figure of ours who kept it in great shape before garaging it, and we have not yet registered it to us (waiting now on mechanic’s farm property for passed-on purchase and titling).


That very large and solid luggage / cargo rack on the back/top of the motorhome that you could either use to transport an enormous amount while having the interior clutter-free, or - if stationary - outfit with a few chairs and some cute AstroTurf as a “roof deck” :)

Tooons of storage; huge(!) closet / cabinets and many drawers, nooks, stow benches...

(Favorite “storage” is that the small circular maritime clock seen above the dining area in the photos actually opens up and has a little storage inside for extreme valuables.)

((Other favorite thing about the truck is that pristine single-piece smooth leather bench seat; never seen one like it, as most at least have ridges, etc.))


There are a few things yet done that will be your responsibility, which is why we’ve lowered the price substantially to now be just covering our restoration costs:

- The refrigerator does not work as a cooler; we were planning on simply keeping the exterior frame as-is and getting a gigantic camping cooler duo to put inside the large fridge interior. Otherwise it’s of course possible to just replace with the right size fridge, if you’d rather.

- The front queen bed’s wood panel that the mattress rests on needs to be replaced due to a now-fixed water leak (MDF or particle board would do as well as wood, making this very easy and inexpensive)

- Same goes for the side paneling of the home interior on the left/driver’s side; up to your thorough preferences on if you’d rather replace the water-touched siding at some point with that kind of faux-wood vinyl strip siding (also inexpensive), or just use a dehumidifier for a time just to be on the mold-safe side. The leak damage was minor, and it’s now dry season in the high desert.

- We were planning on giving the outside of the camper a fresh coat of bright paint with vintage stripes, or perhaps faux-wood vinyl siding it as well; probably a fun project, unless you’re alright with just cleaning up the faded vintage yellow and white!

- Replacing a small piece of the water pipe to be able to use the shower, sink and toilet; was copper, but can be replaced with a less expensive piece of piping, and it’s an easy diagnostic and plain to see

- Purchase of a propane tank for hot water and to use the oven and stove (does not come with one)

- Fashion a small square-foot cover for the open nook compartment/hole where the electric plug coils in (left side, back; shown in photos)

- Purchase of installation of a queen-size mattress for over the cab (does not come with one; traditional dimensions)

[The dining table pushes down and its surrounding cushions lay over it for another sleeping area that fits three; those cushions are vinyl covered under their patterned fabric covers, which you can remove and launder or replace to your liking...the cushions themselves are in good corner of one of them is sliiiightly frayed...again, 1970)


For the hotter months/areas, if driven:
The truck itself is from 1970 and therefore does not have A/C, but the truck’s cab is naturally open to the motorhome behind, as the window between them (as is shown in the photos) is an open space with no glass. There is A/C in the motorhome, and the air circulates well into the truck.


2WD, dual axle (two wheels in front, four wheels in back)

360 cubic inch Ford motor

Trans is a heavy-duty 4-speed

F350 is on a 1 ton chassis

(engine/interior itself is in good shape)


(“all” of each category of thing)

Pumps (water & fuel)
Hoses - note minor repair still needed (above)
Belts (even the one that goes from the water pump to the intake)

There are two batteries; one for the truck and one for the house - one of them is brand new, and the other was changed recently

All fluids were changed and topped off (oil, brake, transmission, etc.) - meaning: oil change and full “service”/tune up...

Gears: expect a noisy vehicle (1970); gears need no work, especially as - again - the fluids were drained, changed, topped off (rear end and transmission, new 80/90-weight gear oil)

Brakes needed no work; good shape

There was one oil leak; now fixed and sealed

Tires: 16" nylon; don't look like they need replacing, they look new with no cracks and no dry rot


Waiting for pick-up in The Gila National Forest / Glenwood, NM, an hour’s drive (60 miles) north of the SILVER CITY airport, a straight-shot via I-10 from Western and coastal cities, or a few hours on the 180 from major NM cities.

Our dear friend can shuttle you from Silver City to the motorhome, if flying to it is easier. (Boutique Air has cheap hopper flights to Silver.)

She can as well wait while you pop into the DMV for either NM-resident registration and/or a 10-day transpo pass / tag for you to get it your home state for registration.

You’ll need to show up to the DMV with proof of an insurance policy, and for reference, we looked into insurance when we thought we’d be keeping it and found it through Geico for $40/month.


Annie & Danny
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