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Industrial Wash System

Sacramento Rack and Shelving
62 Arden Way
Sacramento, CA 95815
United States

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This is an amazing Industrial Wash System by ESD Waste2Water, Inc.

This is a $40K setup for only $15,000


Wash Platform
Sump Pump and Return System
Biological Treatment System
Pressure Washer / Heater
Trigger Spray Wand
Clipping Seperator
Clipping/ Solids Cart

Biological Treatment System.
Once the majority of the solids are settled out, water is then
pumped to the Waste2Water biological treatment system for
processing. The water travels over and under a series of baffles
and through a mass of honeycomb biomedia covered with specially
formulated fixed-film microbes. Organic contaminants, such as
oils and greases, are consumed by the microbes. As part of the
natural digestive process, the microbes convert the contaminants
into carbon dioxide and water. Messy oil clean up is virtually

Clipping Separator
The wash water slurry flows over the fine mesh clipping
screen where grass and other solids slide down the clipping
screen and into the Clipping Cart. At the same time, water
drops through the clipping screen and into the Solids

Solids Separator
Wash water from the Clipping Separator flows through a
series of baffles and then gravity feeds into the Biological
Treatment System, or to the sanitary sewer (as per local
requirements). Fine solids settle, and are drained on a
regular basis, through valves in the bottom of the Solids
Separator. The solids are then deposited into the Clipping
Cart for disposal.

Clipping Cart
The clipping cart captures grass clippings, sand
particulates, and other solids. The solids are dewatered as
they drip-dry in the Clipping Cart. The water drains into a
Shallow Sump below the Clipping Cart. Once dewatered, the
grass clippings are removed and disposed of appropriately.
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