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Metal Banding, Laminates, Vinyl and Retro Furniture. Heffrons

A Moment In Time Retro Design
Oneida, NY
United States


Welcome to A Moment in Time Retro Design Heffrons.com. We have a variety of different retro and 1950s products that are perfect for your vintage camper. From Vinyl and Laminates, Metal Banding, and furniture such as booths, chairs, tables and more.

Our Vinyl collection has been a big hit for many restorators. We offer 5 different grades to choose from and each grade is of the same commercial quality but provides many different colors. Some of those options include Naugahyde-Stratford, Zodiac, Seaquest, and our Cracked Ice collection.

Our laminates include Boomerang Matte and Gloss, Cracked Ice, Retro Renovation, Daisey, Compre, and more. We offer our retro laminates in a variety of sizes to fit your project.

Metal Banding has been another hot item for our customers. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits about ordering banding from Heffrons.com is the shipping. We work hard to save you time and money.

We can custom design any shape or size 1950's retro table. You can select from a wide variety of retro laminates to attain the perfect look and feel that you require. We can also custom make tables that go beyond the retro theme.
You Won't Find More Affordable - High Quality Products ANYWHERE Else.

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