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Just wanted to let you know that I sold my 1959 Shasta trailer this past weekend! I placed the ad on Wednesday last week and was contacted by my buyer on Thursday. I am so thrilled that it worked out so quickly and for a great price. I read the other testimonials and was convinced that Vintage Camper Trailers was the best place to advertise directly to the best buyers. I will be sure to contact you again when I’m ready to sell my next trailer! -Tiffany

My Travel Queen camper has been sold. I had a lot of responses from the ad. Thanks! Please remove the ad.  -Dave Turner 
I sold our 64 Scotty that I just listed in your classified ads. Can you mark it as sold or pull the ad? Thanks. -Frank 
I want to thank you for listing my 1964 Shasta camper trailer. I published the listing on April 5th, 2020. I’ve had four replies of interest. After chatting with the first 2 inquiries, it turns out my trailer didn’t fit their criteria. SOLD it to the 3rd person yesterday, and just had another inquiry today, before I had a chance to inform you of yesterday’s sale! Pretty impressive results, so I thank you so very much. -Sincerely, Linda Layher

I wanted to let you know that my 1950 Aljoa Sportsman has been sold. Our advertisement with Vintage Camper Trailers was integral in locating the right buyer - someone who will continue to be a good custodian of a 69-year-old trailer and enjoy using it. Thanks for what you do in continuing the interest in maintaining this part of American history.  - Sheryl Vito


The trailer is sold! 3 days listing, WOW! Please mark it as SOLD. Thank you so very much! ​-Kathleen Kozak
My 13-foot Shasta sold yesterday. Cash in hand. Super excited and happy that she went to a great home. Thank you for posting the ad, I know it was the reason I found a great buyer. -Hannah Greenlee
We sold our 1961 Robin Hood camper with a backup offer. Great job again! -Thanks Eric
The 1968 Scotty I listed has been sold. Your service was great, and I couldn't be happier! Please remove my ad. Theresa from Georgia
We have sold our trailer--please mark the ad as such. Thank you for allowing us to post on your site. Your site is a real service to the community. -Mike
Hello Paul... Great service... Great site ... Our camper went onto the web at 11pm and was sold by 8am the next morning. Amazing. Plus many other inquires. Please remove our little trailer from your site so others do not keep calling. Thank You !!!! -cheers David & Christine Satterlee, of Quilcene WA
Jewel is SOLD! Amazing results from the Facebook Page. Thanks. - Terry Boblit

Pleased to say that my trailer sold in just two days of advertising on your Facebook page. It was well worth the $20 spent on the ad. Thank you, Shannon Smith-McKeown

I wanted to let you know my camper sold this weekend so you can remove my ad. Thanks, your site was a great way to get it sold quickly. Robert Braatz
I am still getting calls for my camper. Which is unbelievable--probably over 40 calls!! Please take down the ad! -Sandra W.
The 72 Winni is sold!!! I received more legitimate offers then I have ever gotten on anything I have ever sold on Craigslist.!! What a great Facebook venue!! -Elaine´╗┐´╗┐​
I sold her, 1952 Boles, this morning. Huge response via your ad and Facebook. -Dan
This camper has been sold. Thank you very much. Your website and ad worked very well, and the trailer was sold in the first week to the first person to come see it. -Kevin Simpson
We sold the Shasta last week! I had it on Craigslist for a while, Tin Can Tourists and your site. I believe the final "buyer" found it on your site. Bueno. -Greg Derenne
Thanks to your website, I sold my 1972 Shasta. You may remove my ad. Thanks again, well worth the investment! -Carl Wright
My trailer just sold! We are dumbfounded. -Mary Murphy
I would like to thank you for the service you provide for the vintage trailer group. The ad ran a few days and then the offers started showing up. We sold the setup for full-price and it will go to a happy family in Iowa. On to the next project - Thanks Again, Mike Perini
Please pull my ad off the website, the trailer has sold! I am very pleased at the flurry of responses to the ad. Thank you very much for all your help :) -Vicky
Thank you so much for the opportunity to list our camper on your website. It sold in less than 24 hours after listing it. We were so sad to see it go but we know the owners will love it just as much as we did. Thanks again! -Missy
I just wanted to let you know that my 1946 National trailer has sold and a big thank you for making it possible. What was so impressive is that because of Vintage Camper Trailers I received inquiries from all over the United States. I had people for Colorado, New Hampshire, and Ohio just to name a few who wanted to purchase the trailer. Amazing just how widespread your contact base is, thanks again. -Gary Warner
Thanks to your site my '63 Shasta sold in less than a day! - Fay
I ran an ad with you guys for my '66 Jet a month ago. It sold in two days. I am still getting emails! Can you take the ad down! -Ryan
I just wanted to let you know that you can remove the ad for my 1967 Travel Queen Camper. I sold it today. Also, you may be interested to know that the folks who bought it had seen the ad on the Vintage Camper Trailers website. Thank you for your assistance in advertising my truck camper! You are providing a valuable service to those of us with these old pieces of nostalgia. Thanks again! Jon Granby – Madras, Oregon
Well, the second caller drove all the way from Gig Harbor WA and purchased the Jewel. Sad to see her go, but she is in great hands, and off to camping!! They paid the full price. Thank you for being such a great virtual showroom. Please mark as sold. -Barry Schafer
I sold my 1953 Vagabond. Thank you so much for your help and your great website. ​-Dan Reiser
Have another one for you to list. I have had such good luck with your site in the past. Attached are the pictures and the ad copy. -Thank You, Dennis Hammar
I sold my 1970 Shasta thanks to your site. -Jennifer Fahrion

​We have sold our trailer. Thank you so much for your wonderful service. Blessings, ​-Mary Epperson
I wanted to say thanks! Sold my 1965 Aljo yesterday----could have sold it probably at least 10 times. You guys did a great job----so I guess you can remove it, please. Again, thank you! Lord Bless and have a nice day! -Luann and Rick
Thanks for the advice on figuring the asking price. I listed it at $9,800 and sold it for $9,500. The Facebook ad is the one they responded to. -Howdy Hoover
...I could have sold it 40 times over! -Thanks, Jana our 1956 Aljo sold so if you could remove it, that would be great. Thank you so much for all your help in getting this done. You are awesome!! -Brenda McGinnis
I am on a cruise ship in the middle of the Caribbean wearing my Tow Boyz tee shirt, everyone loves it. I sold the trailer right away. I got more calls from VCT than anyplace else. It's amazing how many people look at VTC. It’s not amazing at all, you are great. -Steven K.
Thank you for placing our ad. We have sold the 1965 Aristocrat Land Commander Travel Trailer. It was through this ad that the interested party sought out to buy. Thank you so much. You were really great to work with and you helped us out greatly. -Steve Hartin
I sold the camper in one hour! I got over 20 calls for it. People are really looking for this camper, I had no idea. Thanks for the exposure. Your site really worked for me! -Sandra, Rindge, NH

I just want to send you a big thank you for helping me sell my trailer in one week! Your helpful input and the awesome web site was the key. I was offered the full asking price, and the new owners are “IN LOVE” with it. I would recommend you to anyone considering a place to advertise their vintage camper trailer. Thanks again for your part in this! - Mari Sorenson.

Please mark my trailer as sold, I sold it the second day it was listed! Thank you so much for your help in finding my trailer its new home. Please send me an email confirming you have marked my ad sold. My phone and email are blowing up! -Jen Carlson 


We received a call on our trailer in Florida, from a woman in Missouri who saw it on your website the first day it ran. The trailer has been sold. Thank you -Wayne Lenington

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