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WANTED: New owner for historic Canadian RV 1974 Fleury

Cranbrook, BC


This rare 1974 Fleury motor-home is part of Canadian and RV history. Manufactured with pride in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in the early 1970's it was the first RV built in Canada and it was built to last and it has indeed! Unfortunately, we need to sell as my Dad was injured as an RCMP police officer (Mountie) and is now quadriplegic. Many happy family memories but I can't do what he did with this amazing RV! I have recently had a mechanic replace hoses, pumps, brakes and other mechanical aspects and it works well, but it needs someone who can treasure it and use it. Had several chances to sell to folks just looking for a ‘hunting or party’ rig and that’s not what I want for this historic piece.

I am including an original advertisement from 1975 that has incredible details you might need about the engine (454 V8) and other amazing features. It is a must read! Note we’re selling it cheaper than the original used price in 1975! Also I am including pictures from the historic archives about its manufacturing. It was only made in the 70’s, so rare to find one working and in good shape. Inside it has a table that folds into a bed, stove and oven, fridge with leather front, two pull-down beds, forced air heater, microwave/rooftop air conditioner/pioneer stereo/laminate wood floor all added after, except in the front which still has original shag carpet and leather textured sidewalls. There is a bathroom/shower combination, though the panel on the door cracked so will need to be replaced. The original seats are in great shape and we’ve kept them covered to protect the original.

It has low mileage at less than 70 000 and is under 20 feet long, but packs (and parks) a lot in a very small space. It is registered and licensed in the province of British Columbia. I’m hoping someone with mechanical skill and restoration ability is willing to take it and use it and improve it. There’s so much you could do to bring it back to its original glory while still enjoying it! I look forward to hearing from you….

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