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1948 Century

Scottsdale, AZ 85258
United States

$20,250.00 (Or Best Offer)
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If west of the rockies, you pay for gas, then I may drive to you
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15 ft, 1948 travel trailer, canned ham, original hardware, Rebuild from top to bottom. 17x8x6.5, 1948, travel trailer, canned ham, original hardware.

Get ready for your summer of glamping in this rare, one of a kind, 1948 Century travel trailer! This has been our baby & pride & joy! From our research, They only made 250 of these classics and this is the only one, that we know of, restored!

This trailer has been meticulously and completely redone..... no detail has been left out! and has all the original hardware and windows

-New tires with new spare

-1948 Indian motorcycle light for an outside light next to door

-New electrical

-New plumbing   

-Original glass running lights with extras ones in case of breakage

-All original hardware (hinges, handles] sink & stove

-New toilet, bathroom has amazing storage (pics on request)

-Tons of storage in trailer 

-Back bedroom has 6 built-in dresser drawers with counter space, we put our books & TV there. Separate door for privacy, small changing area with light and sleeps 2 comfortably. Two vintage lights above the bed

-Galley area is surprisingly open & roomy, we have literally entertained in the space on rainy nights, so comfy and cozy! 

-Water pump for sink & toilet

-Added 40gal. black water tank underneath. It is portable. It's secured underneath & can be dropped & wheels put on for easy moving & dumping. Or just leave in place, drive up to dump station and drain. pretty cool & convenient set up!

-Front dining are seats 4 to 6, goes down into a bed, sleeps 2

-There is a large amount of storage underneath both seats, with separate drawers underneath as well

-The original propane light above table works great!

-2 chrome propane tanks that have been recertified

-Portable ledge for an AC unit, fits perfectly above sink as to still utilize sink

-Original propane heater with thermostat 

-New battery & brand new 1200 inverter with to plugs and 2 USB ports

-A few scratches & dings as we use this beauty all the time

-New 30 gal H20 tank

-Has a small patch (maybe 4"x5") of water damage in corner over back bed. Why not fixed.... because not worth doing. It leaked right after it was restored at that corner and once noticed the top of the outside seem was fixed.  This trailer has never had water damage except for that place and has never had a leak except for that corner. 

-New 12'x8' awning with inclosures which have windows & door, a great outdoor living area.  When we put up the custom sides we used double cot bunks that our kids, when they were younger, would sleep on. We could put our TV out there and if you see in pics we have a great living space under awning. One sides are attached it literally turns into a 12' by 10' living room that keeps heat in winter when we use our portable heater, and cool in summer with a fan and netted windows open. Adds privacy area and it is so amazing for family's OR just two peeps, it's really awesome!

-We have been a vintage trailer family for 13years, have had many, this 48 was our 1st, rotated through some other beauties, but could NOT give big blue up until now. This is literally the hardest thing I've ever done, lol!..... That is giving my baby up!

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