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1957 Mallard Camper Trailer, Her Name is Shebang

Arvada, CO 80002
United States


We purchased her from a gentleman in 2013. He’d owned her since the beginning, raising two boys and traveling to all of the national parks in the lower 48. We fell in the love the moment we saw her. The snow gently falling outside and the propane heater warming inside, did not hurt. In 2019, we embarked on a small update. We started with fresh birch paneling, repairing any leaks and making sure her frame was in good shape. We got professional help with the larger parts of the project and she ended up with a nice facelift, including a fresh exterior paint job. We knew we wanted to reconfigure to make her even more comfortable for sitting, napping, working and even the occasional happy hour. The two sets of bunk beds were removed and the old wood used to build a double-size mattress platform that can easily be lifted to reveal a good bit of storage. We extended the footprint of the original ‘kitchen’ counter to allow for more prep space and shelving. We sourced lighting to keep in tune with the 1950s vibe and redid the counter and folding dining table to align with the same mid-century kitsch. Buffet seating was updated and upholstery replaced with teal marine-grade vinyl. We left original touches where we could like the scalloped edging and the closet, but replaced the floor with vinyl planks. She has brand-new double propane tanks and new wheels and rubber too.

We are seeking someone who wants to continue dreaming up possibilities for her. She is perfect in our eyes but could use some TLC on windows and the door. We are letting her go because there are other things we want to do. We are firm at $10,000, and we know she will add a great deal of fun to your life.
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