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1958 Silver Streak Clipper

Denver, CO 95626
United States

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Fully Restored 1958 Silver Streak Clipper ‘23 This cover trailer is on issue #68 of the Vintage Camper Trailers Magazine.

For sale is a 1958 Silver Streak Clipper, which I am unexpectedly offering for sale.

I bought this back in 2008; it was part of an estate sale from a couple who owned it for 60-years and was in beautiful (albeit dated), all original condition housed under cover in a barn for most of it’s years in Washington State.

My kids were young at the time and we used it periodically, though work and life got in the way. After relocating to San Francisco it sat in storage unused for about a decade starting in 2010.

In 2021, I decided to do a full on restoration /renovation with the intent of keeping well into my older years. After reviewing many recommendations of premier restoration / renovation yards, I settled on an incredible shop in Reno, Nevada ( It took about a year to completely overhaul, and the finished product is absolutely fantastic and was actually featured on the front cover of Vintage Camper Magazine.

In 2022, I fully relocated to Colorado (where the trailer is now located), and unfortunately, life has stayed in the way of my enjoying it. My work travel has increased rather than slowed, my aging parents are in Florida where I now visit with increasing frequency, and as a single guy (who thought he’d be remarried by now) with two grown kids the reality is having two SUV’s, two houses, two motorcycles, and a beautifully restored vintage trailer just makes the time to use it impractical—if not impossible.

So, with this preamble, and a little bit of sadness and hesitancy for the obvious reasons, I’m offering this amazing two-owner trailer for sale.

There is a full interior renovation that’s been completed, and the exterior has also gone through refinishing—including new LED lighting, newer tires with less than 1,000 accumulated miles, and a recent repack of the ball bearings.

All electric setup with new panel and two burner induction stove
New Marmoleum flooring
All new curtains and upholstery
Coffee bar
Original refrigerator fully restored
Multi-functional Gaucho couch that converts into a double bed
There are many other items that I’m sure I’m forgetting—I do have some videos I can send if interested that I took upon receiving the trailer at the renovation shop

It should be fairly evident from the photos what is brand new renovation, but essentially Trailer Magic took it down to the frame—and only retained those things (like some cabinetry which was refinished) that worked beautifully with the rest of the renovation.

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