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1961 Shasta Fully Restored in 2020

Portland, OR
United States

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Restored by the “Trailer Whisperer” who has had 2 of his restorations in Vintage Camper Trailer Magazine.

Custom Restoration - The trailer was taken down to the metal frame and rebuilt with new materials to look period correct.

-New Wooden subfloor and VCT flooring
-New Wheel Well
-New Walls
-New Roof
-New Cabinets
-New Dinette
-New Beds
- All new Plumbing
-All new wiring
-New Gas Lines
-New Fantastic ceiling fan
-New Screen Door
-New rims, hubcaps, and tires (2020)
-New skin
-New wings
-Gaucho bed is true full size
-Rebuilt door and windows

-Heat provided by a Wave 3 catalytic heater
-800 watt cobra modified Sinn Wave Inverter - 2 USB ports to charge phones and 2, 110 plugs
-Bark cloth, curtains, the back pillows, and heater cover
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